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Right now I am working on a few multi media works of art that explore the Confessions of Faith from a Mennonite prospective.  So, the challenge is to work within any of the articles to help me fill the fellowship hall with meaningful art. The time line to complete this work is now until the end of may. I would love to get together to share our ideas. If you feel like you may not have the art skills, I would love to work with you. 


Below are some of the places I find inspirational ideas.

Basic photoshop, surface prep, image transfers, surface coatings and presentation.


Confessions of Faith from Mennonite Church USA


This quilt was made by Carol Bixler's living Aunt in 1933. 

Ruth Yothers Quilt 1933 at age 25

The wedding dresses were made by Carol Bixler's mother  in law, Becky Bixler. She was married on June 20, 1953. We were married on June 20, 1981.

Becky Bixler

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Wedding Dresses and QuiltsI am looking to photograph your collections of mennonite made textiles. 


by Chuck Dunn

Birth of Isaac Promised

Sarah over hears The Lord ask about her by name and then says some thing that is not likely. That in one year she will have a son. how is this possible. She laughs quietly to herself but is called out about her doubt.  Why do you laugh The lord says. Sahara replies I do not laugh because I am afraid. She is told that she did laugh and reminded that anything is possible with him.  So I wanted to ask people the same statement. In one year I shall return and you will have a son. I took photos of the reactions  people today ( May 2016) above. Everyone laughs but more importantly they went through a few emotional responses. Why did these people laugh like Sarah did? 



 The first person I asked said and who shall I have a child with?

 Another person said I am 82 years old and made it known that was not going to happen.

I feel she was a little scared maybe she did not have the personal intimacy with her husband that she had in her youth.

with that said her body was not dropping eggs like once before and she maybe she wondered about the mechanical aspects of this.

She must have been afraid because she was not going to have gods baby but  Abraham's child naturally. 

The lord came to remind her all things through him are possible and she needs to have faith and copulate with her husband even at there age.

Do we give our body all to the lord or do we hold back because we don't want to hurt later on in life? Was this Sarah's reserve or place her internal laugh came from?


 please make comments below about how you might have felt or other ideas on this subject.










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