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Our Covenant


Like many other Christian traditions, Mennonites value the authority of Scripture and make a certain set of claims about what we hold to be true. However, we believe that these claims are only valuable insofar as they bear the fruit of godly lifestyles in us. Consequently, rather than offering a list of beliefs in the abstract, the founding members of our church made a set of faith commitments that continues to define our covenant together:


In gratitude to God

who has chosen and called us

and has given us the life-giving, directing,

and empowering spirit,


We commit ourselves to follow our Lord Jesus Christ,

through whom God has begun the new creation

and in whom we find faith, hope, and love.


We commit ourselves to the way of the cross,

to a life of justice, peace, and healing

in a world of oppression, conflict, and brokenness.


We commit ourselves to build the church,

to participate regularly in worship, nurture, and prayer,

seeking to equip each other for ministry.


We commit ourselves to love each other,

to give and receive counsel,

sharing sorrow and joy, doubt and faith.


We commit ourselves to care for all persons,

to bring the good news to our neighbors and community,

sharing our resources and caring for the earth.


We commit ourselves to be a biblical people,

together to read and hear the Scriptures

as God’s words to us for our life and faith.


We commit ourselves to participate in the Anabaptist-Mennonite community of faith,

thankful also to be part of Christ’s diverse worldwide body,

challenging and being challenged to costly discipleship.


May God guide us and bless us as we strive to keep these commitments,

and may God forgive us and give us renewing grace when we fail.


May 1991



For a more traditional presentation of Mennonite doctrine, see the Confession of Faith in a Mennonite Perspective

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